Common Asbestos Related Diseases


Asbestos can be dangerous to anyone who is exposed to a lot of it or exposed for a long period of time. There are many diseases that trace back to exposure, and some of them are deadly. Asbestos removal in your home is important to reducing the risk of these diseases. Here are four diseases that will make you want to schedule an asbestos remediation today.

One disease that can be linked to asbestos is one that many people wouldn’t even think about, and that is ovarian cancer. It is debated how asbestos fibers reach the ovaries, it is theorized that they are transported by the lymphatic system, or through asbestos-contaminated talc that is used for personal hygiene. Other kinds of cancer, such as laryngeal cancer, are also risks.

Another reason to get a residential asbestos abatement, or asbestos removal performed in your home, is to reduce the risk of asbestosis. This is a pulmonary disease that decreases the function and health of your lungs. This is caused by the fibers leaving scar tissue on the lungs.

Clubbed fingers can also be caused by asbestos, and about half of all people with severe exposure will get it. This is where the tips of the fingers become swollen and misshapen, and they will not go away once developed.

There is a large variety of benign pleural diseases that can be caused by exposure. The pleura is the lining of the lungs. There are two layers, one that lines the lungs and another that lines the ribs, and asbestos fibers can cause them to inflame and rub against each other. There is medication that can control the pain, but there is also the risk of scar tissue accumulating, causing plaques that harden and cause more pain.

There are many reasons to be cautious if you believe you may be exposed to asbestos in your home. Schedule an inspection for asbestos removal today before you develop symptoms.

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