Key Features in Asbestos Roof Removal


If you are like most homeowners or commercial building owners, you understand the negative health consequences of asbestos. If your home or building has an asbestos roof, you should be careful when trying to repair or replace it. For that reason, many choose to leave asbestos abatement to the pros. Nevertheless, here are some key features in asbestos removal on roofs.


Getting Ready

In few other renovation areas is preparation more important than in asbestos abatement. Withjobs on the roof, that means assembling a sturdy scaffold or ladder system. You also want to take precautions to segregate the area from other parts of the house. Remember, asbestos can be incredibly dangerous when you disturb it. Because of this, make sure you cordon off the roof area to avoid contamination to other parts of the house, the air, or the soil. Also, make adequate signage to alert any potential visitors to the presence of asbestos fibers.


Picking the Right Equipment

When you remove asbestos, you want to be sure you have the right equipment to effectively do the job without risking your health. Generally, in addition to the normal construction tools, you want heavy plastic and duct tape to segregate the area and avoid contamination. You also need a ventilation system, wetting system, and dumpsters.


Wearing Protective Gear

Before you begin asbestos removal, make sure you have clothing and boots that you can easily decontaminate. You also want to have a high-quality respiration system to keep you breathing without inhaling dangerous asbestos fibers.


Disposing of Asbestos Roofing

When a roof contains asbestos, you want to remove it much more carefully than you would another type of roof. You should do everything possible to limit exposure to asbestos fibers. You also should carefully remove waste bags without dropping them. Finally, be certain to label any waste with warning signage and to dispose of it properly and in compliance with laws.


Giving the intensity of adequately removing asbestos, it isn’t hard to see why most home and business owners choose to leave asbestos removal to the pros.


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