Contacting A Certified Company For Asbestos Abatement In NY


Asbestos abatement should be considered a top priority whenever this material is discovered in a building. Though it is usually only found in homes built before 1978, it was a highly ubiquitous material for many decades, mixed into other building materials to add fire and shock resistance. At one point, several countries were heavily mining the substance, particularly during the height of the Industrial Revolution. However, researchers now realize how dangerous it is and have banned asbestos from new construction.

This silicate is deadly because it expels sharp, microscopic fibers when disturbed. The fibers are then suspended in the air, where they are readily inhaled. Once in the lungs, they will build up scar tissue that eventually becomes a fibrous mass. Over time, this mass can become cancerous, a fatal condition known as mesothelioma. Asbestos abatement is aimed at removing this risk altogether.

During removal, JP Moore will set up a clean work area that is isolated from the rest of the building. This includes installing negative air machines to prevent fibers from escaping into the ventilation system. JP Moore’s technicians will then remove any contaminated surfaces, dispose of them properly and place a shellac sealer in any exposed surfaces left behind. JP Moore also uses H class vacuums with HEPA filters, picking up and securing any stray fibers. No need for emergency kits or drastic action. It is important to contact a certified company for this task, and JP Moore’s technicians have been trained to remove asbestos in the safest possible way.

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