Searching for Asbestos in Your Office Building


If your office building was built prior to the 1980s, it is possible that there is asbestos in the insulation in the walls or under the floor. Asbestos was banned in the 1980s due to the health problems that it causes, so asbestos removal is important for your health if you do have some in the place where you commonly work. If you think you need as asbestos remediation service, here is some information for searching for asbestos in your office building.

Asbestos cannot be identified by the naked eye. The only way to identify it is to have it sent to a laboratory to be tested, which means that you will need help from professional services before you schedule your residential asbestos abatement.

In order to collect the samples to send to the lab, you will want to get a professional inspector to come to your building. This is because getting the samples can be dangerous as it will disturb some of the fibers, increasing the possibility of it being inhaled. The inspector will test whether or not there is asbestos, and will probably take samples from multiple places in both the walls and under the floors of your building. They can then determine how much was used in the insulation and how extensive the asbestos removal is going to be. Although it may seem frightening to tear into your walls and floors, it is important for the health of everyone at the office.

Asbestos can cause not only skin and eye irritation if you are exposed to large amounts, but the fibers can also be inhaled, causing respiratory distress. Sometimes, even death is an outcome.

If you suspect the office building you work in may still have asbestos in the insulation, it is important to call for asbestos inspection and asbestos removal today. Don’t wait until there are symptoms of health problems before you get help.

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