Asbestos Removal and Cleaning Services in Southeast, New York

People have lived in Southeast, New York since the 1700’s and many of the homes and business have a few years under their belts, too. That does give the town character, but can also pose a risk. If you own a home or a piece of commercial property in Southeast, NY, built before 1978, your building undoubtedly contains asbestos and asbestos can kill.
Our company can remove that dangerous asbestos for you. We have worked in asbestos remediation (site cleanup) and asbestos abatement (removal) in Southeast, New York for more than 25 years.

Popular as a building material for its strength and fire retardant properties, asbestos was used in insulation, siding, asbestos roofing shingles and floor tiles, “popcorn” ceilings, as well as asbestos plaster and sheetrock well into the 1970’s. But the danger became apparent only after these materials started aging and breaking down. Then they released asbestos fibers that cause cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and a host of other life-threatening lung diseases.

We can help prevent such health hazards. We send in an independent firm to test for asbestos by sampling the air. If it is found, our certified crews go onsite and seal off the contaminated area from the rest of the building, using negative air machines to make sure no asbestos that escapes during abatement reaches the air. The asbestos is scraped off and disposed of off-site and remediation begins.

We shellac all areas exposed by abatement and clean the zone thoroughly using specialized filter equipment before testing the air again. When it is free of asbestos, only then do we declare it clear and allow your employees or family back inside.

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