Carmel, New York Asbestos Cleanup and Removal Services

Homes and business all over Carmel, New York, built before 1978, have one thing in common: Most have dangerous asbestos within and their occupants are at great risk of cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and other life-threatening illnesses. If you own such a building, you must get rid of the asbestos immediately. Our company has been in the business of asbestos remediation (site cleanup) and asbestos abatement (removal) in Carmel, NY for more than 25 years. We can help.

Found in insulation, siding, asbestos flooring and roof shingles, asbestos plaster and sheetrock, this hazardous material was once thought to be the perfect building material as it was both strong and fire resistant, but that was before anyone knew the danger. As these materials age, they degrade, releasing asbestos fibers into the lungs of anyone exposed to the asbestos. Since the fibers are invisible to the naked eye, the only way to detect them is by sampling the air.

We make use of an independent testing firm who goes on-site to find out if there is any asbestos present. If the answer is ‘yes,’ our certified, licensed and insured team swings into action. Using their extensive training and years of experience, the crew seals off the contaminated area from the rest of the building and uses negative air machines to keep any more asbestos from being released into the air during the abatement process. Asbestos is hen scraped and removed to an off-site facility and remediation begins.

All exposed areas are sealed and the zone painstakingly cleaned using special equipment. Then we have the testing firm resample the air. If no asbestos is found, we return everything to where we found it originally and allow your family or employees back into what we now know is a safe building.

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