Asbestos Removal and Abatement in Pelham, New York

Pelham, New York has a huge health problem, caused by an invisible hazard: Asbestos. If you own a home or commercial property in Pelham, NY, built before 1978, your building is very probably part of that problem. We can help. Our company does asbestos abatement (removal) and asbestos remediation (site cleanup) and you need to move fast to guard the health of your family or workers.

Almost all building materials of the time were made with asbestos: insulation, asbestos floor tiles and roof shingles, asbestos siding and even vermiculite “popcorn” ceilings, sheetrock, plaster. When these materials degrade, they release invisible asbestos fibers into the air and into the lungs of these exposed, causing illnesses like cancer, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma—deadly diseases.

We send in an independent testing company to sample the air and check for the presence of asbestos. If it is found, we immediately begin the asbestos abatement process. Our certified, licensed and insured team screens off the area from the rest of the building and wets all hazardous material. Negative air machines also help insure that no further asbestos fibers escape into the air. Then we carefully scrape and remove all asbestos and bag it for disposal at an off-site designated landfill, per regulation.

Then remediation begins. We seal all exposed areas and clean with special filtered equipment before testing again to see that all asbestos has been removed. When we are satisfied with the test results, we restore the building to the order in which we found it (but in a safer atmosphere) and let your family or workers back in the building, confident that we have done everything we can to guard their health.

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