Riverdale, New York Asbestos Removal and Abatement

Riverdale, New York, like all American towns with homes and commercial properties built before 1978, has a problem: Asbestos is wrecking the health of thousands of people each year and they may not even know they are victims of asbestos exposure.

We can stop this threat. We have 25 years experience in asbestos abatement (removal) and asbestos remediation (site clean up) in Riverdale, NY, and elsewhere in the Greater New York area.

Beauvais of its use in all manner of building materials from asbestos siding and insulation, to asbestos roof and floor tiles to asbestos insulation and even the vermiculite of the ubiquitous “popcorn” ceilings, plaster, sheetrock, asbestos is found in nearly every home and business built before the late 1970’s. As these materials age, they degrade and release asbestos fibers into the air—and into the lungs of those exposes—causing diseases like cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and other deadly diseases.

But how to detect such an invisible killer? We send in a top-rated independent testing company to sample the air of you building. If asbestos is detected, our certified and highly trained team seals off the area, wets the material and brings in negative air machinery to disallow any more asbestos fibers from contaminating the atmosphere. Then abatement begins. We painstakingly scrape and remove all hazardous asbestos, bagging it for disposal at a designated off-site landfill.

Next we begin remediation where all exposed areas are sealed and the entire zone thoroughly cleaned with special filtered equipment. Then the air is tested again. Only after we are assured that no more asbestos is present will we allow your family or workers back on-site.

We are licensed, insured and certified and take pride in our work. Let us help you create a healthy environment for your employees and loved ones by ridding your building of asbestos.

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