Woodlawn, New York Asbestos Removal and Abatement Services

For many of the Irish Americans who make up much of the population of Woodlawn, New York, your famous luck may be running out. You might be being exposed to asbestos at your home or place of business and never even know it. Our company can help. We have been specializing in asbestos removal and asbestos abatement for more than two decades.

If your home or commercial property was built in Woodlawn, NY before 1978, it is a good bet that it contains asbestos, a hazardous mineral that causes cancer, Mesothelioma and Asbestos, diseases of the lungs that can kill. Asbestos was used for many of the materials used in the construction of all buildings until the late 1970’s, including asbestos roof shingles and floor tiles, sheetrock, asbestos insulation, plaster and siding and even the popular “popcorn” ceilings. As those materials age, they degrade releasing asbestos fibers into the airs—and the lungs of those exposed.

The only way to determine if asbestos is present in your building is to have the air sampled. We send in an independent testing company and, if asbestos is found, we begin abatement immediately.

Our licensed, insured and certified team sets up a safe zone around the hazardous material and, working very carefully and with the use of negative air machines to prevent any further incursion of asbestos into the air, scrapes and removes all vestiges of asbestos. It is disposed off-site at a designated landfill.

Then abatement begins. All areas exposed during the removal of the asbestos are shellacked and the entire zone thoroughly cleaned using vacs with special filters. Then the air is tested again and, once no trace of asbestos remains, your property is restored to the exact way we found it when we arrived—but now in a safe environment. We don’t sign-off on the job until it is done. We take pride in our work and we care about your good health.

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