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In the hustle and bustle that is Jamaica, New York, there is a hidden and silent danger and it is killing people: Asbestos. If you own a home, apartment building or commercial property in Jamaica, NY and it was built prior to 1978, you no doubt have asbestos in your building and exposure can cause cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and other life-threatening diseases. The only remedy is to get rid of the asbestos and we are the most experienced company in asbestos abatement and asbestos remediation in all of Jamaica.

The trouble began when asbestos, considered both strong and fire-retardant, was used in the manufacture of asbestos insulation and siding, asbestos sheetrock and plaster, asbestos floor tiles and roof shingles—and, most commonly, in vermiculite “popcorn” ceilings. Now that the materials are aging, they are degrading and releasing asbestos fibers into the air. People breathe them in and harm their lungs. These materials must be removed, but only by certified technicians.

First we send in an independent testing firm to sample the air to detect the asbestos. If some is found, we next send in our highly trained technicians who establish a decontamination zone around the hazard and set up negative air machines to catch any stray asbestos fires released during abatement. They then scrape away all the asbestos, bag it and dispose of it off-site at a designated facility.

After all areas we have exposed have been resealed with industrial shellac, our team thoroughly cleans the surrounding area with special equipment and the air is retested. Only when no asbestos is found do we allow your tenants, employees or family back on the premises, secure in the knowledge we have made the building safe for them.

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