Long Island City, New York

If you own a commercial property, loft, gallery space or apartment building in the newly-hip Long Island City, you know that gentrification is making everything old there new again. But something from the past is making trouble in the present: Asbestos. Found in most buildings erected before 1978, it must be removed and we are the company to do it. We have been handling asbestos abatement (removal) and asbestos remediation (site cleanup) in Long Island City, NY for more than 25 years.

Used in building materials including asbestos insulation and siding, asbestos floor tiles and “popcorn” ceilings, roof shingles and asbestos plaster, and even the sheetrock that replaced it, asbestos has since been found to cause cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and a slew of other life-threatening diseases in those exposed.

We first send in an independent third party testing firm to detect any asbestos and, if it is found, immediately dispatch our highly trained and certified team of technicians. They set up a safe zone around the danger, sealing it off from the rest of the building, and use negative pressure air machines to keep any further asbestos from escaping into the surrounding air. Next abatement begins, where the asbestos is scraped away, bagged and disposed of off-site in a designated facility.

We complete the job by remediating the area, resealing any exposed area, cleaning it several times with both wet techniques and specially equipped HEPA filtered equipment. Then the air is retested and, not until it is found free of asbestos, do we put everything back the way we found it and allow your tenants, employees or family back on-site into what is now a safe environment.

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