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If you own a commercial property or a home in New City, Clarkstown or Nyack, NY built before 1978, you almost certainly have a problem brewing with asbestos. To solve that problem, you need to get rid of the asbestos and you need to so quickly. We have the solution, having been involved in asbestos abatement (removal) and asbestos remediation (site clearing) for more than 25 years.

Asbestos found its way into nearly every building material used in private and public construction in the years before the late 1970’s: asbestos insulation, sheetrock, asbestos siding, plaster, asbestos roof shingles and floor tiles—asbestos was even used for pipe wrapping and creating “popcorn” ceiling panels. It was found to be strong and fire retardant. It also proved to be deadly.

Asbestos causes cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and other deadly lung diseases which is why people in New City, Clarkstown and Nyack call on us for asbestos removal. First we send in an independent testing firm to sample the air for asbestos (the only way to detect its presence) and, once asbestos is found, our certified, insured and licensed team set up a safe zone at the site, sealing the hazard off from the rest of the building. By using wetting techniques and negative air machines, we keep any asbestos fibers disturbed during abatement from releasing into the air. After the asbestos has been painstakingly removed, we begin the process of remediation.

Remediation involves sealing off any exposed area and then thoroughly cleaning the zone with specially filtered machines. When that is done, the air is retested and, if no asbestos is found, only then do we restore the contents and site as we found them, declare the job done and allow your family or employees back into the building, with the danger alleviated.

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