Asbestos Removal in Haverstraw, New York and Stony Point, New York

The older homes and commercial properties of Haverstraw, NY and Stony Point, NY may be harboring a killer: Asbestos. In nearly all buildings erected before 1978, the dangerous mineral can be found and must be removed. We have 25 years experience in Haverstraw and Stony Point in the removal (abatement) and clean up (remediation) of asbestos and we are only a phone call away.

Since asbestos was used in asbestos shingles, insulation, sheetrock, plaster, asbestos roof and flooring tiles, “popcorn” ceilings and even as pipe wrapping well into the 1970’s, the danger of asbestos is real for your family or employees. Asbestos exposure causes cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and pneumonia—all life-threatening lung diseases—and asbestos itself is invisible to the human eye.

We send in an independent testing firm to find asbestos in the only viable way—air sampling. If asbestos is detected, our certified, licensed and insured team goes on-site to seal off the hazard and wet down the contaminated material so no more is released during the abatement process. Then we carefully remove the asbestos and dispose of it off-site at a designated fill.

Next remediation begins and in this process we thoroughly clean and seal off all exposed areas and retest the air. When no more asbestos is found, only then do we declare the site safe and allow your family and workers back into the building.

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