Asbestos Cleanup and Removal Services Riverhead, New York

Our work in Riverhead, NY is not only important—it may actually be life-saving.
We have been handling asbestos abatement and asbestos removal in Riverhead for more than 25 years and, if you own a home or commercial property built before 1978, you have need of our services.

Up until the late ‘70’s, many building materials were made with asbestos, including shingles and insulation, asbestos roof and floor tiles, asbestos sheetrock and plaster and even the vermiculite for all those “popcorn” ceilings. Asbestos was considered strong and fire-resistant and no one knew that those materials, disintegrating with age, would release harmful fibers into the air. Those fibers can cause cancer, pneumonia, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma in those exposed to the asbestos.

Now we know better and we know asbestos has to be removed and immediately. We first dispatch an independent testing firm to sample the air. If asbestos is found, our highly trained and experienced crew comes on scene. A decontamination zone is set up and, using wetting techniques and negative air machines, the team ensures no further asbestos contamination occurs. Abatement begins where the asbestos is carefully chipped off, removed and carted off to an off-site disposal facility, per regulation.

Remediation starts when we close and shellac all areas exposed by the asbestos removal. We then carefully vacuum with special filtered machinery and re-test the air. Only when no asbestos is present do we put overhang in the area back the way we found it and allow your family or employees back in to the now-safe site.

We are certified, licensed and insured and our reputation rests on our thorough work. For asbestos services in Riverhead, NY, call (877) 645-1428.

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