Shelter Island, New York and Babylon, New York Asbestos Cleanup and Removal

Things are not always as they appear and there is something dangerous lurking in Shelter Island and Babylon, New York: Asbestos. Found in almost every home or commercial property built before 1978, asbestos poses a grave health risk to those exposed. If you are a property owner, you owe it to your family, employees or tenants to explore if your building is safe or rife with asbestos. We can help. For more than 25 years, in Shelter Island and Babylon, we have handled asbestos abatement (removal) and asbestos remediation (site cleaning) for projects both large and small.

Asbestos insulation and siding, asbestos floor tiles and roof shingles, asbestos sheetrock and plaster, even the ubiquitous “popcorn” ceilings—all these building materials and more were manufactured with asbestos into the late 1970’s and no doubt found their way into your building. The only way to detect asbestos is by testing the air.

We send an independent testing firm in to sample the air and, if asbestos is found, we dispatch our highly trained and experienced crew to go on-site. They set up a clean zone around the hazard and take precautions, including the use of negative air machines, to make certain no further asbestos escapes into the atmosphere. Then abatement begins.
All asbestos is carefully chipped away and removed, bagged and disposed of off-site at a designated facility.

Remediation starts after that when all areas exposed by abatement get sealed again with a special shellac and the areas around the zone cleaned with specially filtered equipment, before the air is tested again. Once no asbestos is found, we reassemble the area just as we found it, minus the health hazard that is asbestos, and allow your family, tenants or workers back inside.

Without such treatment, asbestos exposure can lead to cancer, pneumonias, mesothelioma and Asbestosis—all life-threatening ling diseases. Don’t take such a risk. Call today for a free asbestos consultation in Shelter Island or Babylon (877) 645-1428.

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