Asbestos Services—Islip, New York and Babylon, New York—Abatement and Remediation

When manufacturers included asbestos in most building materials up until the late 1970’s, no one knew the danger they would pose in the future. But asbestos causes life-threatening illnesses like cancer, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma and the hazardous material must be removed from wherever it is found as soon as possible. We can help clear your home or commercial property of asbestos. We’ve been handling asbestos abatement and asbestos remediation services in Islip and Babylon, NY for more than 25 years.

Asbestos can be found in siding and insulation, asbestos sheetrock and plaster, floor tiles and roof shingles, and most commonly, in the vermiculite used in “popcorn” ceilings, so it is highly likely that, if your building was erected before 1978, it contains asbestos and your family or workers are at risk of asbestos exposure.

Finding the asbestos and removing it is crucial and the first step we take it by sending in an independent firm to sample the air to detect the asbestos. If it is found, our extensively trained and highly experienced team goes on-site. There they establish a decontamination zone, wetting all hazardous materials and employing negative air machines to capture any fibers that escape during the abatement process. Removing the asbestos requires careful scraping, bagging and disposal at an off-site faculty.

Remediation begins by shellacking any area exposed during abatement and thoroughly cleaning the entire area with filtered equipment. The air is retested and, only when no more asbestos is found, do we reassemble the site to be just as we found it—only healthier.

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