Smithtown, New York Asbestos Cleanup and Removal Services

Even the most conscientious Smithtown property owner can’t see this one coming.

Undoubtedly hiding in your pre-1978 home or commercial property is a grave health hazard: asbestos. Considered strong and fire-resistant, asbestos was used in almost all building materials till the late’70’s and now it must come out or those exposed could get very sick. We are here to help you remove the asbestos (abatement) and clean up the property (remediation.) We have been helping make building safe in Smithtown, NY for more than 25 years.

Ignorance was the problem. Manufacturers used asbestos in siding and flooring, roof shingles and floor tiles, to wrap pipes and use as insulation, even the vermiculite used in those inexpensive “popcorn” ceilings were made with asbestos. As the materials age, they start degrading and release asbestos fibers into the air—and lungs of whomever lives or works in the building. This can cause cancer, Mesothelioma, pneumonia and Asbestosis—all diseases that can kill.

But asbestos fibers are invisible to the naked eye so how do you fight a threat you can’t see? We send in an independent testing firm to sample the air. If it is found, our certified, licensed and insured team goes on-site and sets up a decontamination zone. Through use of wetting techniques and the use of negative air machines, they make certain no more asbestos ends up in the air while they go through the abatement process, carefully removing the asbestos and disposing of it off-site.

Next they begin remediation, wherein any area exposed by abatement gets resealed and the area thoroughly cleaned with special equipment. The air is then retested and, when every trace of asbestos is gone, only then do we reconstruct the area so it looks like when we found it, but now a healthier place for your employees or loved ones.

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