Asbestos Removal and Abatement Services in Ossining, New York

Asbestosis is a particular problem in Ossining, New York. Many homes and commercial buildings were built before 1978, when the dangers of asbestos were discovered and the use of building materials containing asbestos stopped. Asbestos removal is an urgent health issue and making the buildings safe again (asbestos abatement) a critical need.

Our company has 25 years experience in asbestos removal and abatement in Ossining, NY. We know that asbestos, because of its fire-retardant properties and strength, was used in asbestos siding, asbestos insulation, asbestos roof shingles, plaster, sheetrock, asbestos floors and vermiculite (“popcorn” ceilings) and many other building materials in private and public buildings.

But the hazardous mineral is invisible to the naked eye so, to check for airborne fibers that can cause life-threatening damage to the lungs of anyone exposed, we first send in an independent third-party testing firm to sample the air.

Once the presence of asbestos has been established, our certified company sends in our licensed, insured and extensively trained crews to deal with the threat. They seal off the area, establishing a decontamination zone through use of isolation techniques and negative air machines. All hazardous material is wet down to prevent further escape into the atmosphere and then the asbestos abatement begins. The asbestos is scraped off the building material (or the material itself is carefully removed) and disposed of properly, according to regulations.

Afterwards, the zone is thoroughly cleaned using special filtered vacs, the exposed area sealed with shellac and the site returned to its original condition, minus the contamination. To ensure that the asbestos abatement and asbestos removal has been successful, the air is tested again before the job is considered complete.

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