Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Abatement in Bronxville, New York and Tuckahoe, New York

Asbestos seemed like a miracle material when it was used throughout Bronxville and Tuckahoe, New York homes and buildings built before 1978. But asbestos is a killer and asbestos removal and abatement is crucial for the health of your family and workers.

Due to its strength and fire-retardant properties, asbestos was used in asbestos floor tiles, asbestos roofing, sheetrock, plaster, asbestos insulation and to wrap pipes inside most buildings. Only later was it discovered that asbestos caused lung-diseases like pneumonia, cancer, Mesothelioma and Asbestosis—diseases that kill. Abatement became vital and companies like ours are more and more in demand to restore the environment, making it safe once again.

We have more than 25 years experience in abatement and removal in Bronxville, NY and Tuckahoe, NY with asbestos projects both large and small, and for both private and commercial buildings. After an inspection by an independent third-party reviewer, who samples the air to ascertain that asbestos is present, our certified, licensed and insured crews put their extensive training to work creating a decontamination zone, shielding your family and workers from further contact with the dangerous asbestos.

Covering the area with commercial grade plastic, we wet the area to prevent further airborne incursion of the fibrous particles and carefully scrape the mineral (asbestos) from wherever it is found into hazardous waste bags. Negative air machines make certain none of the asbestos escapes into the atmosphere and all waste is transferred to the designated dumpster.

Then the careful process of abatement begins, wherein the exposed area is sealed with special shellac, all is cleaned with HEPA-filter equipped vacs and everything restored to how it was before we came—leaving the area looking the same, but much healthier.

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