Asbestos Removal and Abatement Services in Eastchester, New York

Asbestos, once considered the perfect building material, is killing people in Eastchester, New York and, without asbestos removal and abatement, your family or workers could be next.

Many of the buildings in Eastchester, NY were built before 1978, the year use of asbestos stopped. Prior to that, the dangerous mineral was used in asbestos roofs,plaster, asbestos insulation, sheetrock, asbestos floor tiles and in many other building materials, as it was both strong and fire-resistant.

When the dangers of asbestos were revealed—that it causes life-threatening lung diseases like cancer, pneumonia, Mesothyloma and Asbestosis—it became critical that all asbestos be removed (a process called abatement) as quickly as possible.

Our company has been handling asbestos removal for both private homes and commercial buildings in Eastchester, New York for 25 years. Our certified, licensed and insured crews are extensively trained in asbestos removal and follow a rigid protocol.

A certified third-party company samples the air to ascertain that the invisible asbestos fibers are present. Then we seal off the area, establishing a decontamination zone. We wet the dangerous places to present to asbestos from entering the air while we are scraping it into hazard bags and use negative air machines to be doubly sure the asbestos stays contained. When the hazardous materials have been removed from the site to a special dump, we abate the area, shellacking all exposed areas. We then use HEPA-filter equipped vacs to thoroughly clean the zone, and return everything to its original place. With the asbestos removal complete, your home or building in Eastchester, NY is now safe again.

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