Larchmont, New York Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Abatement Services

Larchmont, New York is well known for beautiful homes and businesses and yet, behind those graceful facades, a very real danger lurks: Asbestos.

This hazardous mineral is causing health problems for many Larchmont residents and workers and the time for asbestos removal and asbestos abatement is now.

Because of its fire-retardant properties and proven strength, asbestos was used in a myriad of building materials prior to 1978. Asbestos roofing and floor tiles, sheetrock, plaster, asbestos insulation and siding and, most common of all, vermiculite (popcorn) ceilings are to be found in many homes and commercial buildings and they all pose a very real danger to the people’s health. Asbestos has been linked to cancer, Mesothelioma, pneumonia and many other life-threatening lung diseases, making asbestos removal and abatement even more critical.

Air sampling is required to establish the presence of asbestos and, at our company, we send in an independent third party firm to do this testing. Once asbestos is found, our certified, licensed and insured crews come in and use their extensive training to begin a very thorough removal process.

A decontamination zone is created, negative air machines and the wetting of all suspect material prevent any asbestos fibers from escaping into the air, and the painstaking scraping or removal of the dangerous material begins.

All hazardous matter is disposed of according to regulations and abatement commences. All exposed areas are shellacked and the zone cleaned with HEPA-filter equipped vacs. Only when the air is sampled again and tested free of all asbestos is your Larchmont, NY home or business deemed safe.

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