Mount Kisco, Bedford Hills, Chappaqua, Katonah Asbestos Removal and Abatement

The towns of Mount Kisco, NY, Bedford Hills, NY, Chappaqua, NY and Katonah, NY are some of the most beautiful places in the country, yet each holds a hidden danger: Asbestos. The hazardous mineral is hiding in the historic buildings and asbestos removal and abatement are vital and urgent. Our company can help.

Prior to 1978 asbestos was used in the manufacture of such building materials as asbestos siding and insulation, sheetrock, plaster, asbestos roofing, asbestos insulation and even the vermiculite “popcorn” ceilings. Therefore every home or commercial property built before then almost certainly contains asbestos. As building materials degrade over time, invisible asbestos fibers are released into the lungs of your family and workers, with devastating effect. Asbestos exposure causes cancer, Mesothelioma, pneumonia and Asbestosis, life-threatening illnesses all.

But how to detect asbestos in your building or home if they were built in Mount Kisco, Bedford Hills, Chappaqua or Katonah, New York? Call us.

We send in an independent testing firm to sample the air and if dangerous asbestos is found, we dispatch our certified, licensed and insured teams to begin the processes of asbestos removal and asbestos abatement, in which our team has been extensively trained and have much experience.

First a decontamination zone is established and sealed off from the rest of the building. Negative air machines and wetting techniques disallow any more asbestos from contaminating the atmosphere. Removal begins and all asbestos is scraped off or removed entirely to be disposed of off-site.

Once completed, we start the abatement, where the exposed areas are shellacked and the entire area vacuumed thoroughly using specially- equipped machines. The air is then retested and once it has been declared clean, we reassemble the site as it was when we arrive (now in a healthier atmosphere) and allow your family and workers access once again.

Home and building owners in Mount Kisco, New York, Bedford Hills, New York, Chappaqua, New York and Katonah, New York in need of asbestos removal and abatement services should call (877) 645-1428.

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