Peekskill New York Asbestos Removal and Abatement Services

Historic properties are the pride of Peekskill, New York but, even though such homes and businesses may be beautiful, they may also harbor a truly dangerous health threat: Asbestos.

For more than 25 years, we have been in the business of asbestos removal and asbestos abatement in Peekskill NY and we are ready to help you.

Asbestos was used in many types of building materials including asbestos roofing shingles, floor tiles, sheetrock, plaster, asbestos insulation, shingles and, the most common culprit, vermiculite or “popcorn” ceilings. As these materials age, they degrade or crumble and release asbestos fibers into the air and the lungs of those exposed. Asbestos exposure can result in life-threatening diseases like cancer, Mesothelioma and Asbestosis—a lung-destroying illness.

But the first step in dealing with this invisible killer is detecting it. We send an independent firm to conduct air sampling and, once asbestos has been discovered, our crack team goes on-site.

Our crews are licensed, insured and extensively trained in dealing with the dangers of asbestos. They establish a decontamination zone, wetting down all hazardous materials and sealing the area off from the rest of the building. By use of negative air machines, no further asbestos is released to contaminate the air, even while the asbestos is carefully removed during the process of abatement. The asbestos is contained and disposed off at a designated area off-site. Then all exposed areas are sealed with shellac and everything is cleaned by use of HVAC-filter equipped vacuums, a process called abatement, before the air is tested for any traces of asbestos.

When the site has been declared clear of any asbestos contamination, only then do we sign off on the job and allow your family or employees back into the building. Your safety matters to us, as does the safety of the whole community of Peekskill, New York.

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