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Pleasantville, New York certainly lives up to its name—at first glance. But behind the quaint and historic exterior of this Hudson Valley town is a hidden danger: Asbestos. Our company specializes in asbestos removal and asbestos abatement and our work is vital to the health of your family and workers.

If the home or commercial building you own in Pleasantville, NY was built before 1978, it is almost certain it contains asbestos. This hazardous mineral was used in all types of building materials including asbestos roofing and floor tiles, plaster, asbestos insulation, sheetrock, asbestos siding and, most commonly, in vermiculite ceilings—the “popcorn” ceilings found in so many basements and office buildings. As these materials age, they degrade and release invisible asbestos fibers into the air and the lungs of anyone exposed.

The first step to asbestos removal is asbestos detection, so we send in an independent third-party testing company to sample the air of your building. If asbestos is discovered, we dispatch our certified and extensively trained team to begin asbestos abatement. They establish a sealed decontamination zone and, through the use of negative air machines, insure that no further asbestos escapes into the atmosphere, as the area is carefully scraped or the offending material removed.

The asbestos is disposed of, per regulation, off-site and abatement begins. In this process, we seal the area, now free of asbestos, with special shellac and use HEPA-filter equipped vacuums to thoroughly clean the zone. We have the air re-tested to make certain all traces of asbestos are gone before allowing your family or workers back on-site.

We are certified, licensed and insured and pride ourselves on our more than two decades experience in asbestos removal and abatement in Pleasantville, New York and understand the dangers of asbestos and the necessity to remove the danger immediately.

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