Asbestos Removal and Abatement in Bedford and Pound Ridge, New York

Asbestos might be making your family or your workers deathly ill. If you own a home or business built before 1978 in Bedford or Pound Ridge, New York, your home or office building undoubtedly contains asbestos, an invisible killer. Nothing is more important than asbestos removal and abatement, time is of the essence.

Asbestos, a class of minerals used for asbestos shingles, asbestos roofing, asbestos insulation, asbestos flooring and wrapping of pipes, sheetrock, plaster releases invisible –but deadly– fibers in the air that cause life-threatening lung diseases, like Mesothelioma, cancer and pneumonia.

Even something as common as a “popcorn ceiling” spreads the dangers of asbestos through the air when it breaks apart and you won’t even know what is happening unless you get the area tested.

We can help. We have served the communities of Bedford and Pound Ridge, New York for twenty five years with asbestos removal and asbestos abatement.

Our certified and licensed teams have the air tested for asbestos by independent experts and then, alert to the dangers, handle the abatement with extreme care. Our highly trained crews seal off the area with heavy-duty plastic and, through the use of negative air machines and establishment of a clean room, create a decontamination zone. We wet all materials to prevent further air-borne dissemination of the asbestos and carefully remove all traces of it. After removal, everything is sealed with special shellac and the asbestos is removed to a hazardous-designated landfill. Your Bedford or Pound Ridge, New York building is tested again to be sure of thorough abatement and your property restored to a pristine and safe condition.

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